Remote access a Windows PC?

Sorry if there’s already a thread on this. Point it out to me if there is.

My Dad has suddenly got adware/malware popping up all over the place on his Windows 7. He lives 50 miles away so I can’t just pop over and look at it for him. And he has no idea how it got there because ‘I never clicked on anything or downloaded anything’!

I’ve tried to talk him through it over the phone but it’s torture having to constantly repeat ‘Click on start button. Now click on control panel. Now click…’!! He’s 80 I might add. And after three tries we’re not getting anywhere.

I’m using Mint 13, so is there a way of getting remote access for the dreaded Windows?


Hi Tanya

Probably the easiest way would be to use Team Viewer it’s available for Windows & Linux TeamViewer – The Remote Connectivity Software

All you have to do is install it on both PC’s and log in from one to the other using a ID & password

Hope this helps you Tanya

Good luck


Thanks Graeme I’ll give it a go.