Remote Desktop Evaluation (NX)

We now have a dedicated server on-line which is set-up to serve remote Linux desktop connections via the Internet. You can connect to a remote linux desktop using the free NX client from either a Windows box or a Linux box and do pretty much anything you might do on a local workstation, see the screenshot below.
[float=right][smg type=preview id=742][/float]
There are a number of features available in the commercial version of NX which are not provided by this demonstration, notably these include the tunnelling of sound, drive sharing, printer sharing, back to the client workstation. In reality, these features tend to be of limited use as they are very resource intensive and tend to ‘drag down’ the perceived performance of the whole system.
To share files with your local machine, simply install “Ubuntu One”, this works very well.

What is it good for?

  • Using Linux as a Office / Desktop system
  • Evaluating Linux from a Windows environment
  • Browsing websites securely, running OpenOffice etc
  • Remote user / system support

What is it not good for?

  • Replacing your desktop
  • Running multi-media or screen intensive applications

If you want to try it out - send me a private message …