Remote desktop

Hi Mark here and yes I am new.

I would like to know is there a Remote desktop for Linux?


yes rdesktop, NX (or freeNX) etc.

See here:

Thanks, It hard to setup?

Nope… rdesktop is very easy to setup

At the mo, I download Linux to my netbook. I am using (Windoes 7 Starter) and I can not use Remote desktop.

What are you trying to achieve… rdesktop will allow you to see/control your Win7 PC from your Linux PC if that’s what you are trying to do.

you might also want to install grdesktop, tsclient or gnome-rdp (if you use the gnome desktop) GUI front ends for rdesktop, or krdesktop or krdc for the KDE desktop

I was getting some info. I would like to use Remote desktop, But you can not use Remote desktop within Windoes & Starter. I have been using logmein.

I am hoping it will work within Linux.

if there is no Remote desktop for Win7 starter, you could always use VNC



Not sure about UltraVNC, but TightVNC runs on both Linux and Windows

Or you just can use the ssh-protocol with x-server forwarding - e.g.:

me@localbox$ ssh -X remotebox
me@remotebox$ startx

What PC are you trying to control, Win or Linux?.. and from what?

I’m a bit baffled here… Apparently all versions of Win7 include an RDP client, but the Starter, Home Basic and Home Premium versions don’t include an RDP server… so if you payed a fortune for Win7 Premium you can’t access a cheap version, but if you bought the cheap version you can access ANY version, what sense does that make.

See this page;

(“as a terminal server for remote users”)

  • Terminal Services on Linux == NX ==, 1-2 user license is free.

Is there a rdesktop.deb file?

The remote desktop is handled e.g. via the ssh-server, so the sshd-package would do.

There probably is somewhere… but why not install through your package manager… always the best way to install software (if it’s available in the repos).

or with

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install rdesktop

and if you also want a GUI front end for it

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install tsclient

But I’m still not convinced rdesktop is what you need… if you are trying to control the Win7(starter) desktop from a Linux box, it won’t work unless the Win7 box is acting as an RDP server, which you say it isn’t.
If this IS what you’re trying to achieve, VNC seems like the way to go… maybe you could cobble something together with SSH and Cygwin but VNC wold be easier.

Again…What are you trying to do? (ie. which computer (OS) are you trying to control, and from what (OS))

When I download rdesktop it a tar.gz file and I do not know what to do when I open it.

You’re still stuck in the “Windows way of doing things” frame of mind… when installing software in Linux, it is rare that you will go off hunting for it online.
Most likely, there will be a version in your package manager (Synaptic if your using Ubuntu/Mint/Debian).

Open your package manager, search for the package you want, click “mark for installation”, click “apply”, and it will be downloaded and installed for you.

BTW, a tar.gz is just an archive like a zip file in windows… extract it… easiest way, put it in its own directory, right-click and select “Extract Here”.

… and contains in the most cases a source file - the normal way of extracting is via the shell:

tar vxzf SomeTarBall.tar.gz

more details:

Edit: tar is one of the “Swiss Knifes” of Unix/Linux - a tool combining different compression tools into one. Its possibilities are for the beginner a bit confusing, but later it becomes just indispensable.