Remote Management/SSH Solutions


I’m looking for remote management solutions to be able to execute commands (in an SSH type environment) and possibly use FTP on a large number of distributed Linux installations (Raspberry Pi currently).

To explain my network setup, I have a number of individual networks (20+) each run by a router. Each network may be at a different location (I.e. several could be in Italy, a number in Germany and some in the U.K.). Each network contains 3 Linux servers, with static IPs that are the same on each network (.5, .10, .15). Each network has external internet access, either by connecting to another WiFi point, Ethernet to another network via the WAN port or via 3G. It is not viable to use port forwarding to provide external access as we won’t always have control over the wider network the router is connected to.

While each one of these routers has OpenVPN capability, this presents its own. For example dynamic IP provided over 3G, and limitations over the wider network.

To explain my background, I am a software developer with a number of years in development but less experience in server admin and even less experience with networks. I have searched a lot for different solutions but at still struggling to find something that would work for my setup.

Any suggestions on software/services that would provide this functionality? Hopefully I’ve explained my setup well but if there are any questions please let me know!