remove corrupted linux install from external hdd

Hi all, looking to see if someone can point me in the right direction. I had an external hdd which I’d previously only used for storage. I was messing around learning some linux and tried installing it on the external hdd, it worked, then i tried to take it off. now i can’t access anything on the drive.

hoping someone can point me in the right direction, perhaps with external tools i might be able to use to recover my files, at least

thanks in advance

Hi Jim - and welcome to the Forum.

I’m not good on hardware, but can you tell us:

  1. what Linux versions you are using (on your pc and external HDD).
  2. how you tried to remove the operating system.

Finally: please

  1. plug the HDD into a USB port
  2. start a Terminal session by using the key combination Ctrl+Alt+t
  3. copy the following code
df | grep media

(click on [Select] and copy the code)
4. paste the code into your terminal using the key combination Ctrl+Shift+v
5. copy all the output by highlighting it then (Ctrl+Shift+c) and paste it into your next post.