removing 8.1 and installing mint

Hi, I have an HP 110-330NA tower running 8.1, I would like to remove 8.1 and install Linux Mint. I’d rather remove 8.1 than run it with Mint. I would be grateful for info on removing 8.1, also tips on installing Mint. I already have the Mint disc installed on a laptop and more than satisfied with it, hope someone can help. Many thanks,roy

Mint should just offer “Replace Windows” as an installation option … then do everything for you :slight_smile:

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many thanks for your reply, I think my problem at the moment is trying to get the CD drive to show “run”, instead of listing all the files on the disc, if I can achieve your suggestion I’d be more than happy. thanks roy

You will not get the ‘run’ option unless you are booting your machine from it.
For that you may need to change the boot order in the BIOS to enable booting from CD.

thanks SeZo for your help, I’ve looked at the bios settings and it looks set to boot from CD first but I’m not certain so I will check with HP before I go any further.
The first line of the boot set up was “UEFI BOOT SOURCES”, this is new to me. Previously I tried to install Ubuntu 15.04 but it failed saying " WUBI does not currently support EFI", would you know if this is a permanent part of the boot system or something that can be changed or removed. thanks again for your help.Roy

If it mentioned WUBI, you were trying to install Ubuntu from INSIDE Windows … as it said this is not supported on UEFI systems (and wouldn’t work if you plan on removing Windows anyway)

You’ll need to boot from the installation media.

Are you planning on installing Mint from a LiveDVD or a LiveUSB stick ?

Have you yet been able to boot to the Mint LiveDVD/LiveUSB … and ended up at the Mint desktop ?


On most HP systems with UEFI you use the F9 key to access the boot manager…

What happens if you shut down your PC, then turn on your PC and immediately hit the F9 key … are you presented with the “Boot Manager” (aka. ‘Boot Device Selection’ or ‘Boot Device Options’ or ‘Boot Options Menu’ screen) ?


appreciate your time, the disc is Linux Mint17.2 Cinnamon dvd, I did install it on a laptop initially to try it, very pleased with result.
Starting this 8.1 with F9 down, the following shows.
Boot Device Selections
Boot Device Options
Boot Options Menu Screen
UEFI Boot Sources
Windows Boot Manager
UEFI IPv4 Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
UEFI IPv6 " " " " "
Legacy Boot Sources

Hope this help. I would like to remove win.8.1 completely before I install Ubuntu, I’m hoping to contact HP on Monday. thanks Roy

Was that with the DVD inserted ?

If not, insert the DVD, then shut down the PC, then boot again hitting F9 to go back to the boot manager…

This time is the DVD listed as a boot option ?


You may need to look under either the “Boot Device Selections” or “Legacy Boot Sources” or “UEFI Boot Selections” submenus … but the DVD should be in there somewhere.

Hi, I’ve looked at the bios set up(F10) but it doesn’t give details of the boot sequence, just the option to go back to factory settings. I think the DVD is the first boot option though, but there maybe other factors involved, ie wubi no support. thanks for your suggestions, Roy

WUBI support has nothing to do with booting Linux media … wubi is a windows executable to allow you to install Ubuntu INSIDE Windows.
(and I’d REALLY advise against this, even if it were possible on your system)

Place the Linux Mint or Ubuntu DVD into the DVD drive, then REBOOT … hit F9 when the system reboots (to access the Boot Manager screen) … is the DVD listed as a bootable option ?

if so, use the arrow keys to highlight the DVD and hit enter to boot it.


Also be aware that as your system is UEFI, it MUST be the 64bit version of Mint / Ubuntu as the 32bit versions don’t support UEFI

Hi thanks for your patience, I have Linux Open Suse 13.2 64b showing on the desktop after following your suggestions , with the option to boot , but each attempt is stopped by a window showing " UEIF in the boot settings is not compatible". I believe that part can be turned off, any suggestions? thanks again. roy

Sorry but I know absolutely nothing about OpeSUSE’s UEFI implementation.

Sure, you could go to Legacy BIOS rather than UEFI, but then Windows probably won’t boot.

Hi, thanks for all your suggestions and time, OpenSuse 13.2 was the only 64bit disc that I had, was worth a try. thanks again for your time. Roy