removing a programme (Solved)

Hi All,
I would like to get rid of the accounts programme ‘Manager’.
When I run don@ldwatson ~ $ dpkg -l | grep Manager

I get this

don@ldwatson ~ $ dpkg -l | grep Manager
ii efibootmgr 0.12-4 amd64 Interact with the EFI Boot Manager
ii libnm0:amd64 1.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.04.2 amd64 GObject-based client library for NetworkManager
ii libxdmcp6:amd64 1:1.1.2-1.1 amd64 X11 Display Manager Control Protocol library
ii libxdmcp6:i386 1:1.1.2-1.1 i386 X11 Display Manager Control Protocol library
ii lightdm 1.18.3-0ubuntu1.1 amd64 Display Manager
ii mintinstall 7.6.4+peppermint4 all Software Manager
ii mintupdate 4.6.7+peppermint1 all Update Manager
ii peppermint-settings-panel 0.0.7 all Peppermint Settings Panel Manager
ii wmctrl 1.07-7 amd64 control an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager

What is the safest way to delete this programme ??

Don W

It didn’t show up in your search because you used a capital “M” and the package is called manager-accounting.

Usually best to use the “-i” option to make the search case insensitive … as in:

dpkg -l | grep -i manager

which will list packages with either Manager or manager (or even maNAgEr) in their names/descriptions.

Anyway, to purge manager-accounting:

sudo apt-get remove --purge manager-accounting

Thanks Mark,
I suspected I would get something wrong that is why I asked. I am trying to clean out the computer, there are quite a few programmes that are never used.
I am getting rid of a lot of stuff as I will be needing some room to run the 3d Printer programmes, Blender etc.
Safely completed the commands and all is well.
Thanks again.

Don W

Best way to learn my mate … ask questions :slight_smile: