Hi Guys,
I want to remove UBUNTU and install PeppermintOS2.
UBUNTU is installed alongside Windows XP. Windows says my 152GB hard drive is split C:57 GB, G:48 GB and unallocated 47 GB.
I know the unallocated 47 GB is where UBUNTU is.
I would like to know if it is ok to go in to G:/ubuntu and click on the ‘uninstall-wubi.exe’ file.?
Will this get rid of UBUNTU and leave me room to install PeppermintOS 2.
I am clinging to XP for the moment as I use Autocad and I don’t think it works too well in WINE.

take care
Don W

If you installed Ubuntu using WUBI, Ubuntu is NOT in the “unallocated” space … WUBI installs Ubuntu to the Windows partition as a directory.

First let’s see what’s installed where …

Can you boot to the Peppermint (or an Ubuntu) LiveCD, open a terminal and run:

sudo fdisk -l

and post back the output.

Hi Mark,
I have found a folder on my G: partition that contained the UBUNTU setup.
I have deleted UBUNTU and installed PeppermintOS 2 in its place.
I have just completed Stage 7 of your tutorial (Run a System Update)

I have done as you suggest and run fdisk, with this result

OK … kinda baffled how WUBI came into this, as WUBI doesn’t create Linux partitions which you obviously have.

But who cares if it’s now working :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark, I am pleased with the PeppermintOS 2.
I will be be back when it goes haywire :cry:

take care
Don W
I tried to attach the result of fdisk but to no avail. But what the heck who cares :wink:

Amen. I always thought WUBI was for a helper for installing Ubuntu using Windows… Whether it be installing inside it or wiping completely or dual-booting. ???

I’ve provisionally extended the size of the forum attachments folder" which was reporting as “full”

So attachment should work again now.

Not that I need the fdisk output now :slight_smile:

I say “provisionally”, because I’m waiting to see if that’s OK with Mad Penguin … I really shouldn’t be allocationg room on his disks without his approval :slight_smile:

I downloaded it fine…

So did I … I’m guessing he tried to attach it on the next posting too, but this time it was full.