Rescuing data

Hi everyone,
I recently bought a PC based music server running Red Hat Linux. It worked fine initially but then died. It would appear that the PSU failed taking out the motherboard as a replacement PSU didn’t work & the original PSU didn’t work in another PC. If I transfer the HDDs & all the cards from the server to another PC, would Linux still work or would I need to do a fresh install? My main concern is to save the music stored on it as there are over 800 albums. I tried putting the hard disks in a Windows PC but it wouldn’t read the disc as the formatting isn’t compatible with windows. Any help or suggestions would be welcome.

Usually Linux (unlike Windows) will “just work” when you transfer the drives to another PC (hence why LiveUSB’s work) even with very different hardware … caveats are things like if you’ve any proprietary drivers installed such as the nVidia graphics drivers (as opposed to the open source ones which will be fine) and the graphics hardware changes.

In short if you were using the open source drivers YES transferring the drives to another PC should work … Linux will just redetect your new hardware automatically and adjust.

You shouldn’t loose any data trying, it’ll simply not boot properly … so give it a shot :slight_smile:

As there’s 2 drives, try to ensure the’y connected in the same port order they were in the original PC.


BTW, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


In a worst case scenario, you could always access your music from a LiveUSB/LiveDVD and copy it off :wink:

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the info. I’ll transfer everything across & give it a try. There are actually four HDDs - two on the primary IDE, one plus the DVD drive on the secondary IDE & one on a Promise Ultra 100 controller card. Fingers crossed!

Even easier to get them right if they’re IDE, just keep them on the same ribbons and IDE1/IDE2 … Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,
I’ve tried everything in another PC &, whilst it tries to boot, it just keeps scrolling without getting to the login. I have also discovered that the 4th HDD (the one connected to the Promise card) isn’t being recognised. I have tried it with the onboard IDE & it isn’t recognised there either so I’m assuming it has failed & that’s why it doesn’t get as far as the login.
Any advice?

What do you mean by “keeps scrolling” ?

At this point it’s impossible to say if the 4th HDD will stop it booting … it all depends what’s on it.