Resizing .desktop icons in Peppermint.

Really just looking to see if resizing the icons for .desktop icons is possible in Peppermint. I’ve hunted high and low through Peppermint and found nothing. Headed to the Peppermint forums to see if anyone had asked and there was very little there.

Why am I asking? Well, just putting the file touches to my desktop, and the icons for the .desktops files are not to my taste, so I’d like them to be a little smaller.

Start up the pcmanfm “File Manager”, then go to Edit > Preferences > Display (tab) and change the “Size of big icons” setting.

That works, but it all makes the icons in the file manager tiny too. :frowning: I guess I can live with that though.

I have another problem though, my .desktop won’t open because it’s not root. How can I sort that?

[Desktop Entry]
Icon=/home/bally/.icons/MNML Outline White/Downloads Icon.png