Retroarch Problem

I installed Retroarch on my Lubuntu 14.10 system lastnight and it worked like a dream.

I was playing New Super Mario Bros using the Nintendo DS core and it was great.

This morning I went to go on it again and now it goes to the title screen then crashes. After it crashes it takes the sound with it too so nothing has sound.

When looking through the terminal while its running this is what i get

DeSmuME 0.9.11 svn0 x64-JITAttempting change to 3d core to: SoftRasterizer SoftRast Initialized with cores=1 RetroArch [WARN] :: rarch_log_libretro :: [libretro WARN] :: Save directory is not defined. Fallback on using SYSTEM directory ...

ROM game code: A2DE
ROM serial: NTR-A2DE-USA
ROM chipID: 00001FC2
ROM internal name: NEW MARIO
ROM developer: Nintendo

Slot1 auto-selected device type: Retail MC+ROM
Slot2 auto-selected device type: None (0xFF)
DeSmuME .dsv save file not found. Trying to load an old raw .sav file.
CPU mode: JIT
JIT: max block size 100 instruction(s)
Already decrypted.
Autodetecting with autodetect_size=3
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I hope I can fix this problem as I really want this DS emulator to work. It runs better than using the stand alone DeSmuME emulator.

That looks like a bug, have you checked on Retroarch’s site for bug reports to see if it’s listed?