Reviewing PeppermintOS Two - My thoughts.

I may well post a link there to such effect. Many post go unanswered for long periods of time.


I have issues, but with meditation (and strong medication) I am making good progress.

Hmm … maybe I should rephrase that :slight_smile:

As stated:

The only issue I have with PepperminOS2 is that the forum is lacking in any developer input. Members try their best to answer questions, but the last I looked the main developer has not logged on to the forum since Dec. 26th 2011.
As a matter of fact, not many of ANY of the team come on the foum to help with issues. it’s a shame too, because Pmint has a ton of potiential

I may well post a link there to such effect. Many post go unanswered for long periods of time.

In all fairness this is not correct.
Shane is one of the development team and has posted quite often over the last few months.
Kendall has been very busy.
A number of moderators are active on a daily basis.
The developers are monitoring the forums even though they are not fully active.

After using peppermint 2 for over a year and using the forums on a regular basis I am yet to see a problem left unattended.

Other than that, Peppermint is very customisable and fast even with dock / 3d desktop and numerous apps added.
Great review though.
Hello to all and this does look like an interesting forum.
I am from the UK but have lived in Australia for most of my life.

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Well I speak as a former moderator on that forum, and Shane hasn’t answered a question relating to problems with the OS in my memory. He comes by on occasion to say when, or if there will be another iteration of the OS, or to post something new for sale from the store. He post news related post that mention the OS, but as far as answering a question directly related to something needing to be sorted out, I truly cannot remember that ever happening.
There are SEVERAL moderators, and myself and two others did most of the replies, and moderator work. I could go and bring several post from the forum that have not had replies to date to prove my point, but I don’t see that as needed. One moderator hasn’t signed in in months, nor has he resigned.
I followed all the “team” on Twitter, and they always had time for getting drunk, or taking pictures, or what ever, but attending to the issues with the OS fell to little or no interest. It was mentioned at one time that the whole thing was more or less an experiment to see what interest they could generate, but sadly, it seems their own interest is what is lacking.
I have been using Peppermint since it came out, and was privy to the moderators forum, where inside information not known to the general members, and believe me, there are issues with that forum.
I’m glad you personally found it to your liking, but MANY did not, and many folks gave up and moved on from the lack of attention from any developer available to answer questions that we as ordinary moderators didn’t have the knowledge to answer. I just think it isn’t conducive to growing a distribution to let it’s forum run rudderless. That is only my opinion, and others can have their own.

Hi oldrong, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I can’t really comment on the PepppermiintOS forum, as I’ve not spent enough time there … but if what you say is correct, I do hope they’re at least spending more time on the distro development itself than they are on the forum … I’d hate to see Peppermint go under, as it’s a great little distro with pride of place on my netbook, and I’m giving serious consideration to installing it as the main distro on my desktop (though I’ll probably wait till v3 comes out, then evaluate).

I’ve said before though that info on PeppermintOS (Three) seems to be somewhat lacking on their website :o
The above is about all I have seen go by in regards to “Three” news. Slim information indeed.

Just for the record, here are 19 pages of unanswered questions/post from the PeppermintOS forums.

after 1353 personal posts in `Opera forums’ and millions of general posts,
you will very rarely see a developer post, as it is a user forum.

Bad blood and negative comments doesn’t and wont stop Peppermint from being (in my opinion)
one of the fastest and most stable operating system I have used in the last 20 years.

There is no bad blood at all, and the only negative comments I am making is on the level of help provided at the forum level. I have been on MANY forums where the developers have enough interest and pride in their creations to make appearances of a helping nature.
One of the shining jewels of Peppermint which was mentioned so many times was the fact that the developers were so involved in the beginning with answering questions. The archives are there to prove my point on this, and a look at the number of members who used to be a part of the forums in the beginning and very active, are now simply on the roles and no longer come by. An example are the trusted users (names in a light purple color) who used to be active in answering questions, and helping because of their level of knowledge, but now don’t even come by and log in.
I have been a proponent of Peppermint since I started using i almost at the beginning of the first spin, and have spread it’s virtues far and wide, especially when reading reviews that I thought didn’t come close to being accurate.
My biggest concern over the last few months has been a lack of activity in the moderators forums (which used to have post daily, now rarely), and in the “development” forum where we were always given links for testing, and finding bugs before the release, there have been no post since the release of Two.
Zip, zero, nada. My only fear is the failure of the distribution, for what ever reason. It’s the single best distro I have ever used, but from a former “insiders” perspective I wonder how much longer it will exist?

Seems someone want’s to get a flame war going on. That’s a shame. Forums are for discussion, no? As far as I can see that’s all that has been going on here, until now. Going to another forum and posting from this one is crass, and non productive for either forum. Shame. I guess censorship is next?
I guess since the precedence has been set:

I should think that when you consider our forum members (and myself) have had nothing but good things to say about Peppermint, have recommended it many times, and are willing to give help and support when requested … one posting is unlikely to start a flame war.

Now watch me be proved wrong … but I’m hoping everyone will act like grown ups here :wink:

Sorry. I just thought it somewhat childish to run over to the PeppermintOS forum and post conversations from here, when they were simply opinions, and disagreements on the view of things.

I’m not having a pop :slight_smile: … just hoping things don’t get out of hand … and pointing out to anyone that follows the link posted on the Peppermint forum that this forum (and in general its members) are fans of PeppermintOS. :slight_smile:

As evidenced by the many PeppermintOS recommendations you’ll find on here.

But unless things get out of hand, people are (as you suggest) free to discuss whatever they wish :slight_smile: