Right click delete or erase?

Is it possible to add a ‘Delete’ command in the right click of Ubuntu? Or is there a utility (like Eraser) that can be installed?


You could just hightlight the files you want to delete, and on the keyboard… hold Shift, and hit the Delete key.

But if you really want a Delete option on the right-click menu…

Open the nautilus file browser, click Edit>Preferences, then the Behaviour tab, then put a tick in “include a Delete option that bypasses the Rubbish Bin”, click Close.

You now have a Delete option onthe right-click menu.

Thanks Mark but I can’t find Nautilus file manager!

Nautilus is what opens when you click on any folder… the file manager (like windows explorer)

or open a terminal and enter:


Thanks, sorted. I don’t want to make Linux a clone of Windows, it’s just old habits die hard.