Right SSD to choose?

Hi All,

I’m looking to replace the hard drive on my trusty and solid Lenovo Thinkpad r60e laptop with a more speedy and efficient Ssd. I do admittedly have a few lesser choices as it is Sata 1 but ideally I would like to get one that is 250-500gb, to a budget of ?100 or less. I had been considering an Samsung 850 Evo but I’m not sure if it would work on my machine? Could anyone steer me in the right direction of a good safe choice that is easy to install / run on linux mint cinammon 18, out of the box so to speak. Sorry if I have forgotten any other relevant info. to add. here but I hope this enough to go on for now. Many thanks. Shane :slight_smile:

Google suggests you’re right, your R60 has SATA revision 1.0 aka. SATA 1.5 Gbit/s with a transfer rate of 150 MB/s

Now whilst an SATA III SSD should work, and make your system more resilient to damage (and also probably extend your battery life), its probably not going to give you much in the way of a speed increase (there will be a little saving in seek times, but not so much if anything in transfer rates).

If you do decide to go for an SSD, and you order TODAY (Mon 10th Oct), Ebuyer are currently doing a Samsung 750 Evo 250GB SSD at £59.99
Though the 750 EVO is not as fast as the more expensive 850 EVO on SATA III, I’d expect it to perform about the same on SATA I

Ebuyer confusingly sent me an email this morning stating they were £49.99 … so maybe if you phone them and point them at this:
you might be able to get them to honour that price.


The email was ‘excluding VAT’ … my mistake :-[

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the insightful and informative reply. I think on the basis of I may hang hire for the moment
to deliberate if it is actually that worthwhile to make the move to an Ssd or just leave as is for now but
cheers for the heads up all round.



No problem rudz74, BTW welcome to the forum :slight_smile: