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Hi guys

I have 2 DVD’s that I want to rip using Handbrake, these are my own DVD’s legally owned, but I can’t seem to get Handbrake or VLC to load them, both of the discs will mount when I put them in the tray, but only one of the discs will open and I can view the files the other wont open at all, on the disc that will open I’ve tried running each Video-TS file individually but none will open in either handbrake or VLC, I’ve also tried installing libavcodec extra 53 as that once sorted a similar problem before for me but not this time,

I understand this may be a copy protection issue and no way round it but i find it strange VLC wont play either of them

Any help or advice would be much appreciated


I’m interested in this, as I’d like to create some kind of media server in the future. From what I can gather though, it’s a pain enough under Windows, and Linux is even trickier due to the copy-protection & licensing :frowning:

All the DVD’s and CD’s I own have been ripped and placed on my media server or NAS and I’ve never had any problems before doing this in Linux using Handbrake which is why I’m curious why I’m having a problem now although it could well be the copy protection on these 2 discs are harder to crack than previous discs I’ve ripped I don’t know, but I’ve not ripped any DVD’s since re-installing PM4 a few weeks ago so I’m hoping this is just some codec or library file i need to install.

I will try ripping a disc I’ve previously ripped successfully which should tell me if there is something missing on my system or some media company preventing me doing something perfectly legal with my own property


I always use acid rip and not had any issues with any discs. Which discs are they?

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Have you installed ubuntu-restricted-extras and lubuntu-restricted-extras

then run:

sudo apt-get install libdvdread4


sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/

to install the software necessary for reading DVD’s with CSS (content scrambling system)

or are we talking about audio CD’s ?

Hi galaxytdm

I always use acid rip and not had any issues with any discs. Which discs are they?

I’ve never used acid rip I’ve always used Handbrake but if all else fails I’ll give acid rip a try,

Which discs are they?

One of the discs is a Mrs Browns Boys DVD but I’ll take the fifth on other because Mark will flatly refuse any help if he knew what it is


Heh … now I’m intrigued :o

Ok ubuntu & lubuntu restricted extras was not installed (I should have thought of that) so I installed them but that in itself didn’t make it work, I already had libdvdread4 installed but this command

sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/

got it working.

So Mrs Browns Boys is now ripping nicely, I’ll let you know if I have any problems with the other disc :slight_smile:

Many thanks


libdvdread4 on its own does nothing … it just installs that shell script.

running the shell script then downloads libdvdcss2 … the library needed for reading commercial DVD’s :wink:

Ok Mrs Browns Boys ripped perfectly but I’m still having problems with the other DVD, it will load and shows up in the left hand window pane in file manager but the main window is empty no files are showing, if I navigate to the source in Handbrake and select the DVD it wont load although it will play in VLC.

I tried converting with VLC but it acts weird, the progress bar just moves up and down and the file size in the destination folder never shifts even after 20 minutes encoding


I think you’re going to have to tell us what the other DVD is :wink:

Is it porn? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it porn?

Some might say It’s more embarrassing than that :slight_smile:

Don’t laugh :slight_smile:

Quite frankly I think the whole set up is doing you a massive favour by NOT allowing to rip this item! :smiley: ;D

Quite frankly I think the whole set up is doing you a massive favour by NOT allowing to rip this item!

You wanna tell my Grand-Daughter that ?

Anyway I don’t see what your problem is with One Direction, I would say they’re unarguably the greatest, most talented pop group to come out of the UK since the Beatles, with the possible exception of Vanilla of course (remember them No Way No Way ma nam an ah) f@@king awesome :slight_smile:

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA … hahaha … haha ;D


BWahahaha … hahahahaha … haha!!!

Something amusing you Mark ? :slight_smile:

Bwahahahahaha … who me ? … Bwahahahahahaha … Nope :slight_smile:

I’ve been researching this online and it looks like this aint gonna be worth the effort, besides I wouldn’t want to partly responsible for denying these hugely talented hard working young lads any of their hard earned cash by copying there DVD’s if the disc gets damaged or in any way becomes unusable I’ll go out and buy another it would be money well spent and going to a worthy cause ;D

Many thanks


I wouldn’t want to admit to owning that DVD either! Not that I have it…

I wouldn't want to admit to owning that DVD either! Not that I have it...

Ok I get it, next your gonna tell me Ludwig van Beethoven had more talent than One Direction or Vanilla right ?

sheesh what next ::slight_smile: