Risky updates

Linux Mint 18 icon lets me know updates are available.
I go have a look. I often check out the information about each update though I mostly haven’t a clue about what it’s telling me.
The other day an email address in the update aroused my attention and I decided to check it out.
After checking it out I said ignore this update.
What the hell is this place in the link and what updates can it possibly be involved in?
Or is someone trying to put something on my puter?
It’s changed since yesterday.
Yesterday there was a link to … Pedophiles anonymous.
I think someone needs to have a word with this guy.
Can anyone check what I’m saying about yesterday being true?

Iain Lane (laney) is a core developer for the “Ubuntu Desktop” team, In fact if you go here:

and click on the “Active Members” link, you’ll see he’s an administrator :wink:

You can check out his launchpad info here:

So if the updated package CAME FROM THE UBUNTU REPOS and was uploaded by him, it highly likely 100% safe.

Might have helped if you’d mentioned the name and version of the package being updated though :wink:


Sorry I can’t supply that info as I panicked and deleted it.
Why was there a link to pedophiles anonymous is the important thing?
No one in their right mind would download anything to do with that link 100% safe or not with a link like thaty attached.
This guy needs looking at and an explanation is need as to what the hell is going on. I’m sure someone can confrim the page the link went to before has been changed and the pedo stuff removed.
Did he make a mistake leaving that link in?
I might not be able to tell you what the download was supposed to be but I’m dam sure it can be checked by the UBUNTU team that in the last 72 hours they had an update by him that had an email address in it that was from the orangesquash link./ Please … I find this very disturbing and I expect better from Linux than it must have been a hundred percent safe he’s one of our admin. When I went to that page what would have happened had I clicked on pedophiles anonymous?
The issue is no longer one of was the download safe.
I showed this download and the link to a number of people who all advised I don’t just forget it I demand some kind of answers. I’m a long term Linux user it’s what I expect.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here, where was the email link you talk of ? … on the “orangesquash” website sidepanel, or in the package description or changelog ?

Please ... I find this very disturbing and I expect better from Linux than it must have been a hundred percent safe he's one of our admin.

Your question seemed to be asking if the PACKAGE was a RISK to your system … I just suggested he’s an Ubuntu core dev so no it probably wasn’t a RISK to your system (as long as it came from the Ubuntu repos)

Are you under the impression that we somehow “own” Linux, or have some power over either him or Canonical (Ubuntu) ?

I demand some kind of answers. I'm a long term Linux user it's what I expect.

Demand all you like mate but it doesn’t change the fact you’re just talking to some Linux enthusiast here to help others, we do not “own” Linux or weild ANY power over either Iain Lane or Canonical/Ubuntu so you’re demanding of the wrong people.

You’ve not been clear where the “email address” was, how an “email address” was a link to a website, named the package/version, or shown that it came directly from Iain Lane or Ubuntu.

What exactly do you expect me to do (even if there were something I could) ?