route 66 sat nav

so i got this sat nav stuck in the cd and dunno how to install it on my cpu, i open it up and ricght click a few exe files and try to load using wine. something about executable and it dont do nothing. looked on wine apps site and see tht a route 66 is there but not an info on how to install it. any help wud be good. and i cant do it on another computer cos i just broke it :smiley:

First, copy everything from the CD to a directory on your hard drive (somewhere in your home folder)

Right-click the .exe file you are trying to install in WINE, and select Properties>Permissions (tab)… and put a tick in:
Execute: Allow executing file as a program

The .exe is now executable.

Dunno if it will work in Linux (WINE) though.

Or from the command line, (to make a file executable) it would be:
chmod +x /path/to/file/filename

cool i did that started to work but at the end it wanted to read something and it didnt work. not to worry ill wait till i can use windows.