Runing a windows game on Linux

I have been trying to use a game from called Rule the Rail in Linux using Wine but have never been able to get it to run. I wonder if any one has managed to get this game running at all. The latest Wine freezes on loading. I am not very good at programing and I find it hard to change the program using a editor etc. Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately WINE doesn’t always support all games. Do you know by any chance which dependencies it needs to run? If you email the developers, they are usually willing to tell you.

The reason I say this is, because if you find out which dependencies are needed for it to run, PlayOnLinux has a ton of dependencies which it can install, and usually the main ones needed are there. PlayOnLinux is just a front-end for WINE, so it’s easy to install and uninstall Windows programs.

Your best bet it to find out which dependencies are needed and then try it through PlayOnLinux.

Or you could try an older version WINE if you want?