Running Windows XP Clients with openSUSE servers

First I’m new here and new to Linux, so I’d like to say hello firstly. I also thought I’d start with a doozy of a question.

I work for a small (at the moment) social enterprise. All the work stations are Windows XP, but all the servers on the network will be openSUSE (I won’t go into why this distro here). The first question I want to ask is it possible for a XP machine pick up user profiles as though a Linux server is a windows Domain Controller. If it is possible how do we go about it?

On the server we are trying this we have installed NIS and NFS master servers, also we have samba up and running and as a result our XP boxes can use the server as another hard drive. However, we now need to take this to next level.

There are two of us working on this I’m from an analysis/design background in both software and networks. My colleague has over 10 years experience with linux, but none using it (or anything other OS) in a server environment. This has been a fierce learning curve for both of us.

I’m not asking for specifics (YET ;)) just can it be done and, if so, some indicators of how to go about it?

Yes, Linux can be used as a Windows Domain controller… there is a turorial for openSUSE here:

or more info from SAMBA:

This may also help:

Thank you for your quick and useful reply. My colleague and I had hit a bit of a wall and I’ve decided it was time to yell “Help”. After that’s part of what places like this are for.

The specific questions and queries will not doubt come soon. ;D

Here’s another useful read…