S.O.S - How to manage 2 OS in one machine + data storage + backups

Hello, let’s see if I could explain my problem…

I need to have installed 2 OS (macOS Sierra and Cantos 7) in the same computer (a MacPro). The option of installing a virtual machine is completely discarded.

These are my needs:

  1. The OS I’ll use more often will be Linux. I only need MacOS for some special works (let’s say, 1 time every 10 days).
  2. I’m going to use Linux to data processing. I’m going to install a specific software for data that only runs in CentOS. The data I’m going to manage are “large”. Individual files are about 10-15 Gb, and the total data is around 300 - 500 Gb (punctually, and temporarily, the total volume may be even greater, maybe 800 Gb)
  3. I also have 1 Tb of “other files” (not for processing but for working), which I need to access them from both OS
  4. Obviously, I need to have a backup for all the data (processed data and “other files”). The backup for the processed data must be incremental (at least to have 2 copies of the files, the actual and the previous version)

This is what I have:

  • Internal disks:
    1. HD of 1 Tb
    2. SSD of 500 Gb
  • External disks/storage:
    1. RAID unit with 2 disks: 2Tb + 2Tb
    2. HD external of 8 Tb
    3. Professional Dropbox account of 1Tb

My initial thought was:

  1. Partitioning the SSD disk: 250 Gb for MacOS and 250 Gb for CentOS
  2. To store the “other files” in the internal HD disk of 1 Tb. In theory, I must been able to access these data from both OS
  3. Use the 1 Tb Dropbox account to backup the “other files”
  4. Use the RAID unit as RAID 0, to store the processing data (in this way I suppose the read/write would be slightly faster)
  5. Use the 8 Tb external disk to backup the data form the RAID

But, now I’m not sure if this is the best option. Maybe I must install each OS in an individual internal disk (one in the SSD and the other in the HD), so if one system fail, I don’t have some many problems to reinstall or recovery only the crashed one.
In doing this, I’d need to put the 1 Tb “other files” in some externa disk (in a partition form the 8Tb disk???).

Any idea/suggestion/warning/comment about my insanity?

Thank you in advance