Samba Destop

Hi :slight_smile:

How do i go about Seating up Samba Destop verson with an DC etc etc.


From your earlier questions, I gather you mean “how do I create shared folders?”

Create a user account… Create a directory in their home folder called something like “Storage”… right click the Storage folder, and select “Sharing Options”… click “Share this folder”.

Samba will be installed for you and the folder will be shared.

It will probably be a good idea to create users accounts with the same names as your windows (client) user accounts.

If this isn’t what you are trying to achieve… state your goals clearly… it’s kind of hard to interpret “etc. etc.”.

And also i want to Creat an DC becuse i have 4 computer what can acces the dc and 1 does not soo i need the DC setup for 4 of my computer and the other 1 Shearing Folders

Undertand Thanks