Samba Mount keeps on showing Error 2 No such Directory or File

I am trying to mount a Samba share and have encountered the following error.

The command used to mount the share is:

sudo mount -t cifs ///smb /mnt/smb -o user=,password=,vers=3.0

The message returned is mount error(2): no such file or directory.

The strange thing is I am able to use the GUI to access the Samba folder via smb://. Ping and telnet work too. The /mnt/smb directory exists as well.

The OS is RHEL 7.8 (Maipo) and the kernel version is 3.10.0-1127. For the OS, both the firewall and SELinux have been disabled.

Both cifs and keyutils have been installed as well.

I have done plenty of google searches but to no avail. Are there other OS configs or command options to look at?

Ok, there’s a bunch of stuff to look at … firstly, try the connection with the “samba” tool (“smbclient”) rather than with the “mount” command. The parameters will be the same and it will use the same system configuration, however you will be able to turn on ‘debug’ with a command line flag that should give you a more detailed explanation of what’s going wrong.