Samba Server Eddtion

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I’am trying to eddit my Samba config file vi /etc/samba/smb.conf file but when the file comes up it all in black and white, what i understand is normale but i can seem to eddit the file and change things e.g workgroup etc. Why is this i have tryed afew things to try and fix it and they anit worked so i’ll through i’ll ask the pro’s.


If you’re going to use a server edition without a GUI desktop, you’re going to have to learn to use vi

Mastering the VI editor (Downloadable PDF)

or use an easier but less powerful editor like pico

sudo pico /etc/samba/smb.conf

you also CANNOT edit files outside your home directory unless you start the editor with sudo (root permission)

so even to use vi, the command MUST be:

sudo vi /etc/samba/smb.conf

IMO, for a small local network, you really are making life difficult for yourself by using the server edition rather than the desktop edition as a server… if you are having problems with an editor, you probably aren’t ready for the server edition without a GUI… but just my opinion :wink:

Then again, what do I know… maybe “in at the deep end” works best for you :slight_smile:

Ok :slight_smile: Thanks for the web link I will look into that and trin my self :slight_smile:

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Just one other quick qestion, An computer on my network runs Windows 7 Home and windows 7 home dosent have an domain contoler built in to the os is there any way i can shear an Folder to the computer and can save work etc on Thanks

Firstly you are misunderstanding the concept of a DC (domain controller)… why would the Windows7 box (as a client) need to control logins to the domain?

What are you trying to share with what?

each windows box has a folder of its own on the Linux server ? (if so you’re on the right road, read up on samba)

if you are talking about Win7 authentication issues, see if this helps:

Thanks for the correction of my speeling :), I mean in windows 7 you can not link Windows 7 to an DC so can i link some folder to it and shear them with my Server and My Windows 7 Home computer and Map an network drive to it. Do you understand what I’am saying now Mate :slight_smile:


I’m sorry but questions about how low end editions of Windows7 handle authentication (or not) are probably best answered on a Windows forum.

but from what I gather… the only Win7/samba authentication issue is with NTLMv2 which can be solved by following my last link:

and using samba v3

See also:

Ok thanks I’ll be looking at it now :slight_smile: