Samsung Xpress C410W

Hi All

My old HP All-in-one has now been consigned to the bin and I’ve just taken delivery of the above. I’d hoped that it would have been detected automatically on switch-on but no such luck! The supplied cd-rom seems to be just for Windows and the installation sheets only refer to Samsung’s site with reference to ‘download’ for Linux. I’ve had a good look at the site but, frankly, can’t make head nor tail of it! :-[

Could anyone point me in the right direction as to installation, please?

Thanks in advance


Run these commmands in sequence:

mkdir ~/samsung-unified-linux-driver


cd ~/samsung-unified-linux-driver




tar xvf ULD_V1.00.21.tar.gz


cd ~/samsung-unified-linux-driver/uld


sudo ./

hit “Enter” when prompted.

When you see “–More–” hit the spacebar until you get to:-
**** Do you agree ? [y/n] :
type “y” … and hit enter.

type “Y” again at the “configure firewall” prompt … and hit enter.

When finished, see if your printer is detected if you switch it off/on again.

If it doesn’t configure automatically … add the printer in the normal way, and try one of these drivers


Mark - WOW, that is impressive! All set up (on usb cable) and running automatically after entering the code!

I’ll have a play with my laptop’s wireless connection and get back to you on that, if needs be?

Thanks a million! (Shakes head in wonderment…)


You’re most welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,

thank you for this excellent help. My Samsung C410W started working at once after I had entered the commands you gave.


You’re most welcome :slight_smile: