sata hdd to ide hdd installment

Hi all

I have a sata hdd and so on and useing pinguy, and iam wanting to install pinguy OS to a ide harddrive, could I use a SATA IDE Hard Drive to USB 2.0 Adapter for this, and when I install would the ide show up in the boot menu when it prompts me on how I want to install

SATA and IDE are 2 different technologies …

Are you asking if you could use a SATA → USB enclosure (to connect an SATA HDD to an external USB socket) ?
are you asking if you could use an SATA – IDE adapter (to connect an SATA HDD to an internel IDE socket on the motherboard) ?

The way I understand is that the OP is running Pinguy which is installed on a SATA drive. I think what he wants is use this drive with a SATA to USB adaptor to install Pinguy onto the IDE drive.
I am not familiar with Pinguy but in my experience the install option is not usually present in the installed OS.
If all he wants is to transfer his present installation onto the IDE drive, then probably the best option would be to clone the SATA drive (with the USB adaptor) onto the IDE drive.

Ahh, right, that makes sense :slight_smile: