Scanned image conversion

Hi All

Is there a way to copy the information in a scanned image and paste it into a text file? Or convert a .ppm file to say, a .doc file?

My wife has to send some info via email attachment but isn’t sure if the recipient will be able to open/read it.



Edit: using Mint 13 KDE

Hi Rich, depends what the info is?

You can take pretty much any image, insert it into a OO/L.Office file, export it as a PDF which anyone can read - if you want to ‘extract’ text/images from a file, that may be a different animal - I used to scan documents for some people then chuck the image into a Libre office document and export it to PDF, makes the doc’ readable by anyone and a lot smaller for emailing if that’s an issue. HTH


If you mean OCR (Optical Character Recognition) there are a couple of free ones … but believe me when I say you’ll spend more time correcting their mistakes than just typing it out in the first place (even if you only have one finger) :wink:

I gather their is commercial OCR for Linux, but as in Windows it may not be cheap … indeed it may be more expensive as it’s aimed at the enterprise.

Thanks guys! It seems like it might be my mistake… :-[

I’d assumed the recipient would be opening the file in a Windows environment - seems she has some sort of tablet? I’ll get my wife to re-send the mail with the attached image in it’s original format (.ppm I think) and see if that works?

Serves me right for assuming… ::slight_smile:

.ppm = portable pixel map … it’s a kinda bitmap image file.

might be worth either

a) converting it to something common like a jpg
b) printing it to a pdf

then sending one of those.