Scanner won't work on my Mint Netbook-SOLVED.

Guys, my scanner won’t work on my Mint netbook. There is a tool on there under graphics called Simple Scan, which I think was the one I was using on my Peppermint laptop.
As you know, that is dead for now until the LUG guy comes and sorts it out.

My scanner won’t work on my Chromebook and I really need to scan in some of my art work. What can I do?

What make/model of printer/scanner ?

and how does it connect … USB or wireless ?

and which version/architecture of Mint ?

Thank you for your reply Mark. I actually got it working by putting the command into the terminal you gave me for Peppermint ages ago! I looked up the thread in the off chance what would work for Peppermint would work for Mint. It did! ;D

Great stuff, and well done :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark. Another question about the Mint netbook. It used to be lightning fast but it is slow now ( though I think anything would seem slower in comparison to the Chromebook!)

It used to load real quick when I turned it on, now it takes awhile and also loading up webpages is slow.

What can I do?

New topic with a descriptive title please … this has nothing to do with non working scanners :wink: