Scanners in Linux-SOLVED

Hey guys, my friend is giving me a scanner later this evening- would it work in Linux? I know printers can be tricky. I have Peppermint 3 on this laptop and Mint on my netbook.

Hi Scanners

In my experience scanner support in Linux is a bit hit and miss, out of 4 scanners I’ve tried to work with Linux 2 worked out the box, 1 wouldn’t work at all (No driver available in spite of it being a popular model) and the other needed a hack to get it to work, if it’s an HP scanner you’re probably guaranteed it will work otherwise you pays your money and takes your chances.

Once you get you’re scanner plug it into a spare USB port, place a document or whatever you want to scan in the scanner, open up sane, if I’m not mistaken you’re running Mint on one PC and Peppermint on another either way I’m sure sane is installed by default, if so you should see it under Graphics>Simple Scan, click “Scan” and hope for the best

Good luck


Kinda why I always buy HP All-In-One printer/scanner’s :slight_smile:

Yeah, without knowing the make/model it’s impossible for us to say

When you get it … plug it in and send the outout from these 4 commands:

scanimage -L




sudo scanimage -L


sudo sane-find-scanner

Thanks guys- when I get it tonight I’ll let you know the model. Where do I find the programme sane? Yes I do run Peppermint 3 and Mint.

In Peppermint 4 you’ll find sane under Menu>Graphics-Simple Scan, not entirely sure about Mint but it should be similar


Yes it’s there thanks. When I get it- it’ll be the set up that I will find tricky! You know finding the drivers so the laptop recognises it. I’ll do the sudos Mark has given me and keep my fingers crossed!

If the scanner is supported there should be no drivers to install just plug and go sane will do the rest

Hi my friend said it is a Packard Bell, Diamond 1200- on phone.

That’s the same scanner I have it will work but you’ll need to place a firmware file in your usr/share/sane directory,

when you get the scanner I can talk you through it but probably Mark would do a better job

In the meantime can you post the output of

cd /usr/share/sane




melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU ~ $ cd /usr/share/sane
bash: cd: /usr/share/sane: No such file or directory
melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU ~ $ ls
Delphi Documents google-talkplugin_current_i386.deb
Desktop Downloads xVideoServiceThief_downloads
melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU ~ $

Great thanks Emegra. Above is the codes for the Peppermint Laptop. I will probably use the scanner on this more often then the Mint Dell netbook.


You need a file called PS1Dfw.usb located at /usr/share/ sane/gt68xx

as it looks like you don’t have a file named “sane” in your /usr/share directory you will have to create one then another file inside that directory named gt68xx and inside that you place the firmware file PS1Dfw.usb.

You can download the file here or alternatively you could pm me your email address and i can send you the file and take it from there


Open a terminal and run:

sudo apt-get install xsane


sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/sane/gt68xx


cd /usr/share/sane/gt68xx


sudo wget


sudo chmod 744 /usr/share/sane/gt68xx/PS1Dfw.usb

Then you can’t really do anything else until you have the scanner

Thank you Mark :slight_smile:

no problem :slight_smile:

melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU ~ $ sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/sane/gt68xx
[sudo] password for melissa:
melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU ~ $ cd /usr/share/sane/gt68xx
melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU /usr/share/sane/gt68xx $ sudo wget
–2013-12-29 22:46:39--
Resolving (…
Connecting to (||:443… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 7231 (7.1K) [application/octet-stream]
Saving to: `PS1Dfw.usb’

100%[======================================>] 7,231 --.-K/s in 0s

2013-12-29 22:46:40 (338 MB/s) - `PS1Dfw.usb’ saved [7231/7231]

melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU /usr/share/sane/gt68xx $ sudo chmod 744 /usr/share/sane/gt68xx/PS1Dfw.usb
melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU /usr/share/sane/gt68xx $

Ok done that Mark, thanks. Got the scanner now.

Plug the scanner into a USB port place a document or whatever you want to scan into the scanner go to Menu>Graphics and open Simple Scan, click “Scan”

A message comes up- unable to connect to scanner.
I have plugged the scanner into the usb port on the laptop and a light is on the scanner.

EDIT- I redid the sudos, don’t think they unpacked the first time- that’s all done now, but still no scanning happening. There is a light on the machine but the screen isn’t lit up- isn’t it supposed to be lit up? I pressed the scan button but no lit up screen.

Open a terminal and run this command:

scanimage -L

and post what is returned in the terminal back here.

Thanks Mark:

melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU ~ $ scanimage -L
The program ‘scanimage’ is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
sudo apt-get install sane-utils
melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU ~ $

did you install xsane (may as well install sane-utils at the same time) ?

sudo apt-get install xsane sane-utils

then post the output from:

scanimage -L