Scanning possible on my Chromebook?

Is there a way to get my scanner working on my chromebook? Until the LUG guy can come and fix my old Peppermint laptop I’ve been using my Mint netbook to scan, which works great, it’s just got a small screen and means having 2 computers on at once and plugging in the data stick to the netbook, then the Chromebook ( to edit the pics etc).

What is the make/model of printer/scanner ?

and is it wired (USB) or wireless ?

It is a usb one and a packard bell diamond, model no 1200.

Have you tried installing this on your chromebook:

It’ll only work if your scanner is supported by sane … but this suggests it IS:

I think I did yes and nothing happened so I un-installed it. I have rein-installed it and will try scanner again later and then report what (most likely didn’t) happen…

Nope does not work- the scanner does not move and scan even though a box comes up and says it has scanned and to look in the “files app”- whatever that is.

I’m don’t think I can offer much more help with this Melissa, ChromeOS isn’t my thing.

why not try asking here:!forum/chromebook-central

Thanks anyway Mark. It seems most people can’t get scanners working on Chromebooks from what I have read online. Maybe there will be a way in the future. For now, I will have to use the netbook.