Scary sh*t - your NHS details given to the yanks (and pretty much everyone else)

WTF… :o

Scary sh*t - your NHS details given to the yanks (and sold to pretty much eveeyone else).

The data is “anonymised” but includes your postcode and date fo birth … how hard do you think it would be to figure out who’s records they are, armed with DOB and Post Code ::slight_smile:

Why the yanks ? … the minute it goes outside this country there is ZERO control over it

Doesn’t this violate the Data Protection Act? What’s their justification for sharing that data?

Aye, the lunatics have taken over the asylum alright.

Wonder how much they got for the info? seriously, what is that info actually worth??

Linked article appears to be have been taken down too - generates a 404 !!! its cached on google, but “gone” from the original source !!! ???

Original post removed.

Asher Wolf (author) asked that I not publish it due to ongoing complaints about the original … hopefully wired will allow a tweaked version later :slight_smile:

That said, if you’d like to read the original webpage from a direct copy of google cache (html), I’ve uploaded it to my dropbox here:

Haha, GCHQ will be getting this thread removed next :wink:

GCHQ no … however it might be worth checking with the author to make sure they’re happy to have the material “re” published … (??)

OK this is getting ridiculous … not only is the government giving away (and selling) your medical data,

and at least one MP with a little sense:

Let’s see the NHS get an MP’s website pulled :wink:

But GCHQ has been (illegally ?) using DDoS attacks (that they’d happily prosecute you for, and give you a possible 10 years in prison) against the “Anonymous” hacktivist groups IRC chatrooms.


Now I’m no fan of “Anonymous”, but I thought governments and their lackeys weren’t supposed to be above the law.

There’s a website, called, that will help you take back control over your personal health data.

They’ve even drafted a form letter you can give to your GP, to ensure your NHS Care Records aren’t given to BT and MedRed.

But do it soon … the upload of your personal medial data is due to begin in March 2014

Whereas I agree totally with the sentiment, just consider that the NHS do and have kept records on patients for quite some time. Also consider that the NHS’s IT systems are generally in disarray and from my own experience, not managed (IMHO) all that well. I work on the general assumption that any information the NHS have about me, is, in one way or another, available to the general public.
(I’ve worked directly for the NHS and have been involved in hosting NHS online systems)

Just count the instances of backup CD’s left on trains or taxi’s, or indeed call center staff selling details to 3rd parties as reported recently.

Personal information - for us, it’s something to keep private

  • for the government or the NHS it’s just something else they can sell and make money from.

They really are all out to get us! :o

Incidentally, you realise that most of this stuff is already for sale anyway ???

Any they wonder why 25% of the population don’t vote …
Maybe that’s the %age of the population who know they’re going to sell the electoral register to cold calling spammers ?!

Note: when I say “all that well”, I did originally write something a little stronger, but there’s no point in rattling the cage too loudly :wink:

I agree with you, a lot of it is probably “out there” anyway through backhanded deals or rubbish security … but this is GP level data …and in any case there’s IMHO a big difference between data making it’s way to places it shouldn’t in breach of the data protection act, and our own government changing the expectation of privacy in an opt out manner then not telling you you can opt out.

The leaflets that are about to drop through your letterbox are purposefully addressed to “the householder” so most will get binned as junkmail without being read … and they don’t contain an opt out form (not sure how or if the opt out option is explained but I doubt it)

My biggest problem is not the use of the data, but the fact that

a)it’s anonymised to the extent of containing your postcode and date of birth … hell I could figure that out in ten minutes.
b) they’re reserving the right (to themselves, and AFAIK with little oversight) to supply the data un-anonymised wherever they see fit.

Oh and what’s with this “give it to the Yanks” thing, because they’ve proven they can be trusted with your privacy right (sarcasm in case you missed it) … how many times are we going to give stuff to the Americans only to have history prove they’ve either claimed it as their own or used it against us … give it the Yanks = give it directly to corporations.

Surely this giving away (and/or selling) of your data contravenes the data protection act ?
(Oh, they’re saying they don’t charge for it … rather there’s an admin fee)

Mmm, the ICO is a government organisation. (with no teeth, or at least, it’s not about to bite the hand that feeds it (!))

I reported a company (I say ‘company’) with a website making fraudulent claims to a number of authorities, none of which wanted to know. One of these was the ICO, the website made a number of claims with regards to privacy and data protection, and as it turns out they weren’t even registered! After pushing (hard) they agreed to “look into it” , but I never heard back.

Website folded a few weeks later … I even tracked down the guy who was running it and got his home address … still not interested.
(And of course the credit card company wouldn’t honour their insurance promises so I never did get my 70 quid back)

It’s all bollocks. If you want proper treatment, go private, NHS is a waste of, well, at the very least, money.
I could detail my dealing with the NHS as a patient over the last few years - but you probably wouldn’t believe me … I have a hard time believing it myself.

I’m just fed up with how brazen they’ve become whilst f*cking you up the …

Even the pretence at ethics has gone out the window >:(

I'm just fed up with how brazen they've become whilst f*cking you up the ....

Even the pretence at ethics has gone out the window >:(

Couldn’t agree more but we’ve only ourselves to blame we’ve been letting them away with one atrocity after the other, freedom of speech is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, they don’t ask our opinion on anything they just do what they like because they have university degrees and know better than us

If i was to say what I really thought of our elected leaders and the decisions they make especially that sept of liberal lovies in Holyrood I’d be banned from this site, so I’ll keep my council

sorry if it’s a bit off topic, just me being a bit impulsive


At some point they’ll make a mistake (like do something that takes Fekbook offline for half a day), and the revolution will be upon them :o

Mmm, I don’t think it will take a Facebook outage … maybe if the truth starts to hit the news and not be suppressed … that might do it … :slight_smile:

Alternatively, if Scotland vote yes (I was initially of the “no” opinion) and people see what happens if people get to make their own choices rather than having posh-boy choices foisted on them by Westminster - that might also do it !!

Alternatively (!) I think things will change in 2024.

  • this being the date according to the office of national statistics’ figures when the traditional decision makers in the country no longer have a majority.

Apparently under the system for administering, the Police have been granted a back door to your (un-anonomized) personal medial information without judicial process (no court order required) … EVEN IF YOU OPT OUT


No court order? Do you have to be charged first, or can they do it literally whenever they feel like?
Doesn’t seem like this should be allowed under the Criminal Justice Act…

The Yanks would be all over this, spouting off about the 4th Amendment…

Dunno … it just says “investigating a serious offence” (note - the article didn’t say to investigate a single person in a single set of circumstances, and only given relevant data), but the point is who gets to decide who/what if it’s not a court … my guess would be some underpaid teenage desk jockey would be expected to process the request (under immense pressure), and who would ultimately be a discard-able scapegoat if questions are ever asked.

We all know how the Police can … erm, let’s say “overzealously apply” new powers, like using anti terrorism powers to “move people along” who are doing nothing wrong … or goading drunken teenagers (who are doing nothing wrong other than being slightly loud at a bus stop) into swearing or drunkenly touching (brushing against) them then using (abusing ?) section 5 to arrest them (IMHO any officers who do that should immediately charge themselves with incitement to commit a crime).

Charged or not, the police shouldn’t have access to data and conversations held with your doctor where you had an expectation of privacy (this data includes back dated records) with out judicial review.

Are we to be scared to go to the doctor (or take our kids) because of how the data may be used out of context to build a case against you for some arbitrary crime to clear their books, or even for non existent crimes ?

I’m even of the opinion that there are certain things even a judge shouldn’t be able to hand to the police …

I’m willing to bet the DNA sequencing labs are about to do a roaring trade building a national database from samples given to your doctor … charged or not.

The Yanks would be all over this, spouting off about the 4th Amendment...

But then we have no such protection from successive government who seem hell bent on doing away with your rights to privacy and personal freedoms.

Also, why would the yanks need to ? … if I’m reading this correctly, our government is going to sell them (or give them) our data :o

So they’re free to possess data about us, but not their own citizens?? :o

NHS patient data made publicly available onlineWant to know how secure your NHS data will be if goes ahead ?

This will give you some idea:

Once your data is out there, there will be no getting it back … and it seems “approved” companies are ALREADY sharing/selling it with others who haven’t been approved.

This suggests that a “stay of execution” has been put out for the scheme, until September now (unless your surgery is part of the pilot scheme - no list of those!)