Screen Brightness

This seems such an easy subject I can’t believe I’m having to ask but since my small grandson was left for a few seconds watching a CCbeebies youtube video on his own when I returned he had contrived to reduce the screen brightness very significantly.

I have done all the things I would expect to do to find the appropriate screen to change screen settings but to no avail cannot even find something that mentions screen brightness at all!

This is on an Asus eee pc using Peppermint 5.

Any help gratefully accepted.


Hi cicero

Is there brightness settings on the monitor itself if so then he may have tampered with them


Hi, Graeme

Can’'t see anything that would change screen settings but I will try to find an on-line manual for the netbook as I didn’t get one with it when I
bought it.

It’s bizarre I expected to find it a simple task but apparently not!!



is it running on battery power or AC ?



I’ve found a manual on the Asus site and downloaded it.

I discover the brightness is controlled by pressing the Fn key together with the F6 key which does indeed work.

Sorry to have caused you any aggro but I do appreciate your interest and have saved the manual for future reference.

Thanks again.


No aggro at all

Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: