Sd card file recovery software

Desperate for a jpg file recovery program.
Any suggestions
Ubuntu 12.04

Found this Partition Recovery and File Undelete

Anybody used it?

Is this a LiveUSB … with the .jpg saved in the persistence file ?

or is it a normal storage device formatted as FAT32 ?

I have used Photorec in the past. You will have to install (if it is not already installed) testdisk.
Photorec is part of the Testdisk package.

To run Photorec on an image file, do:

sudo photorec <imagefilename>

To recover image files run (substitute drive name):

sudo recoverjpeg /dev/sda1

Recovered files will be saved in your home directory, with names following the pattern image*.jpg.

May be a good idea to answer my question before attemptin photorec/testdisk :wink:

Hi Mark

It’s a bog standard fat32 16gb sdhc card accidentally formatted by a plonker. :-[