Sections in repositories

Hi guys,
I’ve read debian repository article.
I’ve just wondering, what does mean each option in repositories.
Actually I mean ‘main contrib non-free’
As I know ‘main’ mean packages with open source code.
‘Non-free’ packages with closed source code.

-But How about with ‘contrib’ , is it related in any way with non-free and main?
Did I understand that properly?
If no, Please correct me.
Thanks in advance.

From the Debian Packages

As a service to our users, we also provide packages in separate sections that cannot be included in the main distribution due to either a restrictive license or legal issues. They include:

Packages in this area are freely licensed by the copyright holder but depend on other software that is not free.
Packages in this area have some onerous license condition restricting use or redistribution of the software.

Note that same packages might appear in several distributions, but with different version numbers.

Okay, that’s exactly what I need.
Topic is solved :slight_smile:

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