Would anyone be interested / would it be OK, if I posted some bash/perl scripts used to exploit systems here? I tend to get a few due to the nature of my work (sometimes, hackers try to infect our machines, and I get to keep the tools they’re using).

I guess wherever it’s put, it should go in it’s own safe area

Mmm… to what end? What might be more useful (and safer?) would be a description of the exploit and the fix / a description of how to protect against it … ??

I must admit I’m a little dubious as to the value of publishing exploits, generally if someone ‘real’ wants a copy, he’ll be able to get his hands on it … making these things too easy to obtain just encourages trouble from ‘script kiddies’ … maybe I’m showing my age here … is “script kiddie” still a current term?

Script kiddy is still the current term. More seeing what is being deployed against servers. Easy enough to strip core code from scripts, and certainly wouldn’t put up binary 'spoits.

Ok, have added a board called ‘Security’ … use it or lose it … :wink:

Your wish is my command! Hope it’s useful :slight_smile:

Your wish is my command!

Mmm, this is opening up a whole new world of opportunities … :wink: