Selecting tracks in Audacity

Hey guys, I’ve got some music- piano sonatas in mp3 format ( 4 in one file) and I want to save just one so I can listen to it on its own- I know I can open it in Audacity, select it and save it, but I don’t know how!

In Audacity, you need to import the MP3, it should then show as a waveform on the screen. The breaks between tracks will show as blank spaces simply highlight one sonata in its entirely (click & drag), then click on the Trim button (looks like 2 blank lines with a waveform in the middle), which will remove the other tracks. Export this MP3 as a new file (name it the same as that sonata), then (IMPORTANT!) click undo, and repeat for the next track.

Don’t bother saving the Audacity file, it’s a waste of space. Remember, you EXPORT the mp3s - saving justs saves the Audacity analysis file (useless)

Yes, I had figured out that I have to highlight them etc, but the problems are that I see no spaces between the sonatas- I am not very good at understanding waveforms!

You could try running Analyze → Silence Finder (see here)
You might need to play with the values a bit to get it to find the individual tracks.

Or you could manually place labels at the location of your choosing.
Just play the sonatas and pause it where the ends are, then go to Tracks ->Add Label At Selection (see here) Repeat as necessary then go to File->Export Multiple.

Thanks SeZo, sounds a bit tricky- all new to me this, editing music but will give it a go…