Send to (SOLVED)

In windows if you want to place files in a certain folder you use the send to feature ie music files highlight the files right click then send to ‘Xmas’ folder within music etc.I currently use cut/copy and paste is this the right way or does Mint have a better way?

Doesn’t Mint have a right-click context menu item

Move to > Browse


It does but nothing in there allows it,but I’ve found the answer by going to Edit next to file clicking on it gives a move option.
Thanks anyway Mark.

Are you saying the right-click context menu “move to” is there but doesn’t work (it only works from the nemo menubar) ? … if so, you should probably report it as a bug on the Mint/Cinnamon bug tracker

It works in Peppermint, and we both use Nemo as the file manager (though ours is the version from Mint 18).

no right clicking brings up a menu but it doesn’t have the option to move to folders.The only option of moving a file is to the rubbish bin.Full options are
Open with image viewer (this changes depending on type of file)
open with
send by email
set as wallpaper
move to rubbish

On the top row of the right-click context menu, where in your example it said “Open with image viewer” … does that line end with a “+” symbol ?

If so, click that “+” symbol to expand the context menu.

Can you now see “Move to” ?

Aha sneaky little feature ,think i’ll have to reread the book again.Once again thanks for the help Mark. :wink:

Yeah it is an odd place to put it … specially without a label (until you hover over it) ???

Oh, and you’re most welcome my mate :slight_smile:


Can you please remember to mark the topic (SOLVED) … thanks in advance :slight_smile: