Seriously Considering Linux

I’m completely new to Linux, in fact I haven’t even installed it yet!

Is it worth installing on a second desktop pc?

I ask because I am rebuilding a HP Pavilion which will be upgraded to 2GB RAM with a 512MB PCIx Graphics Card. The debate is…do I reinstall Windows XP or do I go with Linux.

This machine will be used for basic photo editing/viewing and for playing World of Warcraft and Dead Space.

If I purely run Linux (with no dual boot for WinXP) which Linux OS do I get??

though it loathes me to say this, if you are going to use it to play games I’d stick with Windows or dual boot.

They will both play on Linux, running in WINE (think of it as a Windows emulator).

World of Warcraft

Dead Space

and are rated Platinum and Gold respectively, they are never going to run as well as they would “natively” under Windows.

If you still want to try therm in Linux, try to get an NVIDIA (geforce 5 or preferably better) graphics card rather than ATI.
(their drivers are better in Linux)

I would suggest either Ubuntu 10.10, or Linux Mint 10 (main GNOME edition) as probably the best Linux distributions for a beginner if for no other reason than you’ll find help/support/answers easier to find.

If you want to find Linux alternatives to popular Windows software, you’ll find a list here:

I use to play WoW on Linux once, actually got slightly better FPS than my XP.

If you are totally new to Linux, I would suggest having it as a 2nd PC or duel boot. As with anything in the IT world these days, there is so much to learn now due to progression and the successful development. THis is something a lot of experienced people seem to not realise as they “live with the growth”, is how hard it is for someone new to start in any IT field from the beginning. (Interesting article here on becoming an “IT superstar”)

Ubuntu is a good choice as the community is massive now, however many people speak of Ubuntu like it is the only/original Linux, that bugs me, but I guess not a valid point on this thread and I need to respect the progression Mr Shuttleworth + co bring to Linux.
Mint or Pinguy Linux would be my recommendations for a new soul to Linux, as both will provide a “more complete” experience of Ubuntu based distro.
Both take Ubuntu, and enrich it with the aim of providing out of the box usefriendly, and sexy looking desktop for the Linux new comer.

FYI - In Mint Linux, you will notice there are two varieties. One is Debian, and other is Ubuntu based. Ubuntu systems update themselves on a regulated method, I think it’s every 6 months?. Debian based systems use a “rolling” system, where you could actually get an update every day for the next week or two. Ubuntu will look to save all their major updates, and do one big release. Imagine how Microsoft releases windows, 95,98,Xp,Vista,7… Similar thing, and eventually you realise you can not “upgrade” from windows 95 to windows Vista, and have to do a completely new install. Ubuntu can fall prey to this. (Think I read Ubuntu8 users couldn’t upgrade to 10.10?)