Setting up an RDP connection

my missus works in a school office and mentioned to me yesterday it would be handy if she could bring work home but it wasn’t possible as the database program she uses at work is Windows based and she wouldn’t be allowed a copy of it anyway even if she had a Windows PC at home,

So i suggested as a solution she asked the IT guy if she could install Team Viewer so she could log in to her work PC from home, I didn’t think they would allow that but they did say she would be allowed to log in with RDP, I told her I thought that was possible in Linux and that I’d try to set it up for her

So I have a few questions

(1) what would be the best client, my own thoughts would be Reminna but is there a better/easier option ?
(2) What info would I need to ask for from the server side to make the connection

Any help or advice would be much appreciated


Well, I’d be amazed if the school’s firewall would let you in from the outside. At work here, for remote desktop access, we have to use a program that generates the tunnel from inside the network, then connects to the remote computer running the same application (I guess that program must force open the correct ports to allow external connection).

Some programs are cross-platform, but I guess the IT guy is referring to Windows RDP. A quick Google search reveals that Reminia should do the business, but ideally you’ll get the IT guy to talk you through the settings required to traverse their firewall directly (rather than chinese whispers through the missus)

Hi chemicalfan

Sorry I must have missed your reply, yes you’re right Reminna did the trick, at first I tried grdesktop but although it connected and worked without a problem I couldn’t for the life of me get it to save login credentials and display settings etc so I gave up and moved to Reminna and it just works perfect one click and she’s in

The IT were as you suggested referring to Windows RDP and didn’t give her much hope of connecting from a Linux PC so it was especially pleasing to get it working without any hassle and prove them wrong

I assume they do have their firewall open to RDP connections as apparently other members of stall remotely log in from home