Sharing Files Over Internet

How can I share files over the internet.
What I want to be able to do is browse the files of another computer as if I was browsing my own, using Dolphin.

I have Teamviewer installed but that relies on a third party and I also have Samba installed but I have to be on the same network.

Any ideas?

Not sure what you are trying to achieve here, care to elaborate?
Do you want to share files on YOUR computer with the world?
Or you want to access another persons computer to browse their files (they shared out)?
If the latter then maybe you could look at VPN Virtual private network - Wikipedia
If it is the former then perhaps hosting your private cloud would be better? Have a look at NextCloud.

Change ‘another persons’ to ‘my own’ and that’s it - via the internet.

If the latter then maybe you could look at VPN Virtual private network - Wikipedia
If it is the former then perhaps hosting your private cloud would be better? Have a look at NextCloud.

I’m going to guess you don’t have a static WAN IP address, in which case you can’t reliably share your files via the web without a third party being involved.
(because your external IP would keep changing, so you’d never be guaranteed to have a static known IP to connect to)

There are companies that use their DNS service to effectively give you a static hostname that’s translated to your dynamic IP, but you have to run client side software that keeps their system updated with your current IP (so that’s third party involvement).

VNC, VPN, or even hosting NextCloud would all require a dynamic DNS service if you don’t have a static IP … the Teamviewer client is doing the same thing (as well as providing the front end connection software).

I guess there’s Resilio Sync (formerly BitTorrent Sync) which uses P2P technology to sync folders but that’s not really a perfect fit, and P2P also technically includes third parties.

I’ve just taken out a subscription to a VPN.

Doesn’t help you, that’s you connecting to THEIR static IP to access the web, it doesn’t give YOU a static IP.

What other way can I achieve the result I want.
I’d like to keep the VPN.

Does Teamviewer not work when you’re connected via the VPN ?

Yes but I’d prefer browsing the files of the other computer in Dolphin on the PC I’m in front of.

I have set up samba to be able to view remote files in Dolphin but I am only able to read, not write. If we can get that sorted, I might be happy with things.

… But
That only works if I’m on the same network as the remote PC.
How do I go about viewing the remote PC’s files when not on the same network?

My problem is I don’t know Dolphin…

In the dolphin address bar of the remote PC, type:


and hit enter.

username = a user account on the server
sever_IP = the IP address of the server

try this on your local network and tell me if you’re able to browser the files.

if not, try


BTW, you will need to have openssh-server installed on the server.

sudo apt-get install openssh-server

How do I get my IP address?


dig +short

or (sloow)


I just get ‘timeout’ from both

okay what happens if you enter (into the dolphin address bar) either:

fish://[email protected]


sftp://[email protected]

(replacing “username” with your username for THIS PC)

You MUST first have installed openssh-server on THIS PC

If you’re running a firewall on THIS PC, you may have to disable it (just for this test).

Just had a thought, I’ve named the desktop & laptop the same (pooky2483), could that cause any problems?

No because you’re using IP’s not hostnames

Does it also matter if I’m doing it through the VPN?

I can’t answer that because I don’t know how your VPN works, and as it’s not free I can’t take a look.

I never even knew there were any free VPN’s.
I can try connecting to my other PC while not connected through the VPN.