Shopping for desktop parts

just wondering if anyone knows a nice secret cheap place to buy parts, currently im just browsing ebay and hoping to come accross a bargain. starting off with the case/cpu/motherboard. trying to learn as much as i can before i purchase.

Define “cheap” … “cheap” as in new but good price, or “cheap” as in silly price, but second and and might not work?

… I buy most of my kit from and memory from

If you want really high spec kit, but second hand at stupidly low prices … let me know, I seem to have access to a repo company who get loads of ‘recent’ stuff and don’t know what do do with it. I’m talking about IBM storage arrays, 450G 15krpm SAS drives, Sun tape libraries etc etc …

Might be worth punting them at ApexAuctions? They auction off job lots of kit, including quite a lot of high-end automated production machinary

Mmm, the kit is already available for “bidding on”, but the audience is limited (!)

Sample of stuff available;

JS22 4x4.0Ghz,32GB Bundle p520 4x4.7Ghz p6 Bundle p560 16x3.6Ghz,p6,128GB x342 1 x 1.4GHz Server p570 8x5Ghz,P6,128GB Bund x3200 2.5GHz 2GB Svr x3650 Q-Core 2.4Ghz 2GB eServer BladeCenter Chass Bladecenter H Chassis

146 GB 15K RPM SAS Disk 15
300 GB 15K RPM SAS Disk D 12
73.4GB 15k SAS SFF Drive 4
300GB 10K RPM SFF Disk 8
146.8GB 15K RPM SAS SFF 16

PCIe Dual x4 SAS Adapter 2
PCIe 3Gb Dual SAS RAID 4
PCI-Xdual-x4 3Gb SAS Card 3
PDU- Side Mount 2
QLogic 4GB 2 Port Fibre 4
QLogic Ethernet Fibre Exp 3

erm… i just wanted to make a gaming pc on a budget not the next matrix :smiley: i didnt recognise any of those in that list they look abit too hardcore for what i want. i dont mind second hand currently waiting on second hand cpu intel q9400 currently around 55 quid. few hours left :smiley: looked at that machinery site :S looked scary dont know if i can fit those things in my house :smiley:

Ok, fyi; I just built a new machine, similar spec to “the Linux PC” thread … will do a review presently, but to cut a short story short I put a Phenom II Black X2 into it ~ 3.2G and the motherboard merrily unlocked an additional two cores leaving me with an X4 for £50 quid. (new)

Not sure what a q9400 is, but Phenom motherboards vary in price from £50 to £100 … typically, in production, a “single” Phenom II Core @ 3.2G will out-perform an SC1425 with 4 cores @ 2.8G. Phenom has faster everything to go with it and takes tripple channel DDR3 to-boot.

yah i prefered those amd cpu’s, someone said nvidia was better for linux and amd’s are hard to find a motherboard to match. and those black edition x2 i read the unlock of 4 cores is around 50%. so up to luck to unlock it but i will browse some more online and learn abit more.

just read that earlier thread on the linux pc. sort of getting confused now. amd’s are better then intel? maybe this site i been using to judge cpu’s is wrong. i been putting in cpu’s i find on ebay and see how they rank, normally go to find your cpu page and enter and if the rank is around 120 or less i figured it was good. i see intel top the charts though :S

Mmm, even on an X2 you’ll get good performance (!) … AMD do a range of motherboards for socket AM3 (Phenom) , some with onboard NVidia and some with no video at all. I used a £75 board with no video and added dual port Quadro (twin head) for ~ £80 and stuck two 23" widescreen’s on the end.

glxgears is giving me ~ 27,000 frames in 5s.

AMD Phenom II CPU hdz550wfk2dgi i think this is an x2 550 so far its like £5 with a day left so im hoping i can get it for around £30 i dunno if its a black version though, those are the ones that can be unlocked to x4 right?

amd phenom ii x4 955 for 80 quid i think i might buy this, seems pretty cool. gonna probably buy it in a few hours, if its crap or bad let me know :slight_smile: gonna watch fringe before i buy it. what type of MB’s support this cpu and nidia then? i mean the make, this is my 1st project never made a pc before and im on a shoe string budget. might make a blog about how to make a gaming pc on the doll :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a black you want if you can get it.

I think you may be reading your benchmark site incorrectly. Look closely … Yes, Intel chips often appear at the top of the tables - but look at the prices! You might find an Intel chip directly above a Phenom, but you’ll find the Phenom is half the price or less for approximately the same performance.

That said, couple of points re; the test they appear to be running;

a. It “appears” to be benchmarking the “system” NOT just the CPU … which would make the test motherboard , memory and graphics dependent
b. It’s a Windows benchmark program … now … not to be cynical … but M$ are friends with I$ … so what’s the chances of the test being slightly rigged in I$'s favour ?

… don’t believe everything you read, especially if it says that people with lots of money make the best products (!)

Note; now that Intel are no longer allowed to pay Dell Millions “not” to stick AMD CPU’s in their machines, check out what Dell are doing now. Are they putting AMD in their “Small Business Vostro”, no, “Business class optiplex”, no, “dell precision”, no, “Head Turning Design and Performance, Gaming XPS PCs”, ohhhh, yes.

Same on server stuff, their new top-end blade modules - AMD Opteron.
(Opteron is the same core as a Phenom, just more cache and the ability to do SMP)

Do yourself a favour, don’t buy second hand kit from ebay unless it’s really cheap. 85%+ of the price of new kit with a warranty ain’t a good idea (!)

Check this out;

What are Scan’s delivery charges like?
and how is their return policy?

I’ve always used ebuyer previously as their return policy seemed to be “no questions asked”, at least it was the last time I had to return something.

Same Phenom II 955 Black Quad Core Processor at ebuyer -

£108 incl VAT, free delivery if you wait 5 days (£6 next working day)

i was gonna try lapping so it would void any warrenty i got, or is lapping for intels only?

As far as AMD Black Edition… the only difference is that the Black edition has an unlocked multiplier, so are an overclockers dream… nothing to do with core unlocking.

Lapping is just the process of polishing the heatsink/CPU interface to even out the irregular surface of the heatsink, to reduce thermal resistance and increase thermal conductivity.

If you use a decent thermal paste and heatsink, I can’t really see the need.

well i missed out on the x4 955 for £80. but im in the frame of mind that amd is the way to go. sorry for all the questions, im pretty new to all this components and linux stuff, but its about time i learnt. do you guys know much about the phenom x3 and x2 i read that you can sometimes unlock further cores, that would save me more money but its not garrenteed i guess, maybe i shud just pay abit more for garenteed x4? maybe with the lapping i cud just do the heatsink wudnt want to ruin my warrenty on a new cpu then overlap it and break it. the black edition do look cool with that multiplier, i was stupid enough to buy some ebook about overclocking ‘‘to the extreme’’ its kinda helpful not so much for linux though.

If you’re going to overclock, the Black edition is what you want… if you know you’re never going to overclock, the normal edition will save you a bit.

As for whether you should go X2 and hope the cores unlock, or X4 and pay a bit more I can’t really advise… it depends if you would be happy enough if they didn’t unlock.

The AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition 3.2ghz, is going to be pretty damn fast even if the extra cores don’t unlock.

See this test - Phenom II X2 555 Vs. Pentium G6950:

also see:

Just make sure you get a decent Mobo that supports core unlocking, and cross your fingers :wink:

yeah im abit of a gambler haha but one with very bad luck so its brain vs heart :stuck_out_tongue: ive spent countless hours looking and reading about cpu’s, motherboards on the otherhand confuse me too much.

i get that they make everything work but its the component slots that get me, or rather what components im sposed to plug into it. i want to game so i read sli & crossfire is what i need, but isit really? i dont know how expensive they are but maybe just 1 gpu wud be able to play the latest games for now? i can always upgrade when the technology is a must i guess.

same with this ddr2 and ddr3 usb2 and usb3. i get what the best is but the best is just expensive. if rather have older specs and overclock them to perform admirably. i try to google everything but i just get mixed responses. its rather confusing, id rather not let my ego control my wallet but come to the conclucion of a modest set up that doesnt struggle.

isit possible to have a gaming pc that i can later install a decent audio card to make music on, wud that need 4 cores rather than 2? wud that affect any motehrboard ram picks? sorry your like a computer guru to me so im gonna ask questions like a little kid even though im 25 :stuck_out_tongue: