should i do all the updates in update manager on peppermint os 2?

Hi all
Just had a check in my update manager and have seen a load of updates sitting there, should i install all the ticked ones? i mean it won’t do any harm? I’ve noticed that some video’s on youtube etc are braking up a bit so wondered if an update might be the answer.
Thanks for any help, and happy new year to all

Yup, install them … then reboot :slight_smile:

Personally I’d install Peppermint 3 as updates for Peppermint 2 will either have stopped, or will stop shortly … as support for Ubuntu 11.04 (which Peppermint 2 s based on is coming/has come to an end.

Thanks mark
Do i have to follow the thread for a new installation of peppermint 3 or is there another one if already running peppermint 2?
cheers, john

Nope I’m afraid there’s no “upgrade” path for Peppermint, so it will need a fresh install following the Peppermint 3 tutorial

but the good news is, Peppermint 3 will have a full 5 years of updates … so there’ll be no need to install peppermint 4 in a hurry 9unlless you choose to) :slight_smile:

thanks mark
i will give it a go when i can then. Will it mean i will have to manually input the settings for the printer wifi again like we you showed me how to for peppermint 2?

More than likely … but any problems, you know where to find me :slight_smile: