Should I use direct download or wait for the torrent link ? (Solved)

A couple of questions really. :-[
I was wondering if I should wait for the torrent link as the direct download seems to vary speed between 5 hrs and 17 hrs ?
And will I be able to use the tutorial that Mark has already made for Pep 5 (loosely)

take care
Don W

I’d wait for the torrent link, although by the time it’s available via torrent, the load will probably have dropped off the direct download servers ::slight_smile:

@ donwatson

Check your personal messages either here, or on the Peppermint forum

Thanks Guys,
I was a little impatient ::slight_smile:
The startup screen is quite impressive in black but I haven’t had a look at the rest of the wallpapers.
I just seems to take so long when trying with the Live USB. ;D