Sketchup available to linux users

Hi Mark,
I received word last night that my.sketchup was available for linux users. I have had a look and it seems to work ok. I found this was a great programme in Windoze and was sorry it could not be used on linux systems. Some people have commented that they can now dump windross as that was what they needed to run sketchup. Do you know of any problems that might crop up in using this programme ? Is there any loss of functionality ? It is a beta version and it does admit that there WILL be bugs. Personally speaking I find it great to be able to use it but I thought there may be someone who would like a heads up.

take care
Don W

I take it you mean my.sketchup, the browser based version of SketchUp ?
well it looks like it’s still in BETA, but I personally have no idea what features the Windows version has, so have no idea how the browser version will compare … there’s a forum board about it though:

maybe that would be the best place to ask (?)

There’s also a “learn more” site:

If the above IS what you meant, it’s not that it’s a “Linux” version, just that it’s web browser based so OS agnostic.

Thanks Mark,
That explains what I meant. There is a bit of faffing about getting it to run but I quite like it.

take care
Don W