Dose anyone have a crystal ball? It seems that my contacts existing or new who use SKYPE for BUSINESS can not be seen in SKYPE for LINUX.

No such problems for windows or mac users- they promise to update other platforms soon.

Has anyone heard anything about when this might happen.

MS just seem to love issuing software that is not cross platform compatible.

At present I have to reboot into windows to contact contacts using SKYPE for BUSINESS .

Mmm, dunno about Windows, but Skype shares my contacts happily between Linux and Android …

But do any of your contacts use SKYPE for BUSINESS?

Erm, I would be inclined to think that some do … for example, I worked in a business this year where Skype was the main form of contact and most of the users were Windows users … we had an issue sharing screens on occasion (which may have been a bandwidth issue) but everything else worked fine …

My company also uses SKYPE but SKYPE for BUSINESS is a paid for service used by big organisations (part of Office 365).

Two new contacts who are using SKYPE for BUSINESS sent requests but I could not see them in LINUX or on my Android tablet.

I had to use a windows system to accept the request I also checked on a friends Mac and the new contacts were in my account.

However on LINUX and Android the new contacts do not show up on my account.

Just like MS not to update all platforms at the same time.

Mmm, they have done this before … around July last year. (or something similar)

One solution is to use Google Hangouts … personally I find this service way better than Skype anyway … and it works well on both Linux and Windows …

Yes there are a number of other options.

However, most big organisations tend to stick wit SKYPE so I suppose I will have to wait for MS to issue a SKYPE for LINUX update.

In the short term I will have to boot into windows when talking to SKYPE for BUSINESS contacts. :cry:

I’m going to let this through first post approval as long as you can tell us how it’ll help the OP’s original problem with Skype for business contacts ? … otherwise I’ll remove the posting as it’s obviously an advert from a commercial venture.

[post removed]

Ok, maybe I’m not so charitable … :o

I had a look at the product page … I wouldn’t install this on one of my machines.
… it’s the “sort” of commercial venture it looks like that worries me …

Address is in the US, domain is registered in France, no screenshots, no documentation, and I’m more than a little surprised that Skype have approved the use of their logo for selling a competitive product … it may be ‘real’, but there’s a little voice in the back of my head saying “malware … malware … malware” …

Fairy Nuff … I wasn’t expecting a response anyway :slight_smile:

I’m also sort of surprised M$ haven’t jumped on this yet … “Skype for Business” … again I’d be rather surprised if Skype had licensed it’s IP for use selling a competitive product … ???

This looks like it might be the “real” product;

I see that the (bogus?) link has also been inserted into comments on some other high-profile sites, which at first sight makes it look like those sites might be talking about or endorsing the link. The more I look, the more that little voice is turning into screaming thunder … :-X

It’s more than a little worrying that links like this that at first sight do look “real” are starting to appear … :-\