Skype & Sound settings

Hi folks, having looked into Linux over the past week or so (including reading several posts on this site & forum), I have opted to install it on my desktop - running it of a separate SATA drive. The desktop is not a ready-made system, but one I have upgraded along it’s lifetime.
Included in the box is a Creative Sounds SB X-Fi soundcard, as well as the on-board sound on the motherboard.
The version on Linux I have installed is Ubuntu 9.10 - Karmic Koala.

The issue;
In windoooze I can set skype to “ring” out through the soundcard - (goes through an external mixer to my speakers), I then have the skype set to have all skype call sounds go through my logitech headphones - but the important part is that the ringing comes through the speakers. When I am doing the online radio show I can then change the sound settings easily in skype on Windows over so that the call goes out to the mixer ( from the mixer it goes to a mac-pro that broadcasts to the streaming server via nice-cast - I also use a mac-laptop to play out pre-recorded ads, intros outros etc - that also goes into the mixer).
With the version of Skype I have on the Linux, and the sound settings I cannot set skype in the same way - the version of Skype I have is (Beta) - and the sound options in there only allow it to be set to "PulseAudio server (local)
I have checked in the Linux sound settings, but cannot see any choices in there, nor any references to this PulseAudio server.

Any help would be gratefully received, I love Linux but I need the above sorted - I run my own business, and use an on-line number through Skype for my calls - I need to know if someone is calling if I am say in the next room or wherever in the house.

See if the Gnome ALSA Mixer will let you switch between speakers and headphones… or use both.

You will have to install it… the package you want is gnome-alsamixer

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gnome-alsamixer

then run it from Applications>Sound & Video>Gnome ALSA Mixer

Or try switching by changing the “Output” device/connector in sound preferences… right-click the Speaker icon by your clock (top panel), select Sound Preferences, select the Output tab.

You might find PulseAudio - Wikipedia helpful for an idea about how PulseAudio and ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) work together.

Also see these links:
HOWTO: PulseAudio Fixes & System-Wide Equalizer Support
PulseAudio - The Perfect Setup (check part about Skype 2/3 way down page)