Slow Log In

I’ve noticed ever since I upgraded to Natty, the log in times have been far slower than Maverick or Lucid. It takes my laptop 47 seconds to log in to Ubuntu, (not boot-up). I have yet to try removing the the quiet slash from the grub boot command since I haven’t restarted the laptop yet. Any possible reason why logging in is so slow?

Make/model would be handy … but I’m unsure we can do much till you try to get an idea of where it’s hanging.

Acer Aspire 6920-LF1 or sommat like that ?

Yeah Acer Aspire 6920 LF1. =]

Tried restarting the box and editing the grub command before booting up Ubuntu. Deleted the quite_splash part, didn’t seem to do anything though, and I even pressed Ctrl+X to ensure I had done it correctly, was kinda baffled because I was expected to see a lot of script…

Also noticed that ever since upgrading from Maverick a couple of months ago, the kernel seems to eat my battery power like nothing. :expressionless: I have to keep the laptop on charge most of the time.

Try this and see if it helps the battery/overheat issue(s):

Please let me know if it helps … I’m interested in this bug/fix, as it may come in handy for others.

I will do, haven’t tried it yet. Just up not to long ago, so still a little sleepy. Need my black tea, and something foodwise to boost my levels and then I’ll get cracking. :slight_smile:

Still doing on-going testing of this fix, I’ll report later today if whether or not it’s helped, so far though it’s seems like it.

Alright I finally make a decision and it’s not fixed it. The kernel is still chewing up my battery life like nothing. I’m getting 1 hour LESS battery time than I should with Windows.

Still found no solution. :frowning:

Have you tried adding acpi_osi=Linux as a kernel boot parameter to see if it fixes your acpi issues ?

BUT … before you rush off and try it …

Be sure to try adding it by editing the kernel boot line at the GRUB boot menu (at bootup) before adding it permanently … just in case it creates any issues itself.

just add it after the quite_splash … or?

Yes, after quiet splash add a space then acpi_osi=Linux

so that bit reads quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux

I hope you’re doing this at bootup by manually editing from the GRUB menu … and NOT making it permanent till it’s tested.