Socat for passing AT commands


I have a PC, to which a development board is connected via USB. To the board, a DUT is connected via USB again.

So, PC ------USB1--------> DevBoard -----(USB2)------> DUT

USB1 is /dev/ttyUSB0 (in the PC)
USB2 is /dev/ttyUSB2 (in the board)

If I need to pass AT commands from PC to DUT, can I use socat? If yes, please share some inputs on how the command would look like.

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Hi Siam - and welcome to the Forum.

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I have no experience of socat but a web search seems to indicate that you can’t get all the way from a PC command through your Development Board to your DUT.
But you might be able to get socat to create a file on your DB that you could read via s/w you write for the DB. Just a thought.

There are tutorials on the web that might help you.