software manager in pepperminttwo

I went to install ‘quake’ terminal from the software manager, but I could only find ‘yakuake’ which I installed and it works fine but is not translucent.
I went back into software manager and scrolled down to the alphabet bit but it only went down to H no lower, this was in system tools, surely it should have gone lower and is there another quake down there?

First of all … I use ALWAYS use Synaptic rather than the Software Manager … but it IS available in the Software manager.

Secondly it’s called Guake, not Quake … Quake is an old first person shooter from ID Software :wink:

Try this …

sudo apt-get remove yakuake


sudo apt-get install guake

then start Guake from menu>Accessories>Guake Terminal

thanks for the quick reply, done,
sorry for not reading correct, something that is a must in linux ::slight_smile:
but at least it might bring it to more peoples attention, being in a new post.

Quake was an awesome game! :stuck_out_tongue: