Software to clean videos

Dear All

Anyone have experience of Linux software that cleans/enhances poor quality video?

If you know of any software both free and paid that works on Linux then please let me know.

Sorry no experience … but I thought most of the “video” software such as openshot, kdenlive, etc. all had filters for this kinda thing (?)

Hi Tramlink

It depends what you want to do, but I’ve used Openshot to enhance video with limited success there are some effects such as Brightness, Contrast, Gamma etc which may be what you’re looking for, Handbrake has some useful tools as well such as adjust bitrate and crop which can be quite useful, otherwise i don’t know what else to suggest

Good luck


You could try Avidemux, it has plenty of filters for post processing
Do not know how successful it will be in cleaning up poor quality video. :-\

Thanks for the suggestions.

I agree with SeZo, go for a more professional suite like avidemux. The changes are you have more options to clean up and enhance video’s than with “DIY” applications like OpenShot and Kdenlive. You also have lightworks and Cinerella as another option for Avidemux.