[SOLVED] Adding file formats to Gparted

How do I add the missing formats to Gparted.


It tells you in the last column.

So to add btrfs support to Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install btrfs-tools

but you probably don’t want to add this if you’re not using btrfs … it may slow your boot times as it scans for btrfs

The main one I need is exfat (for micro sd cards) and it has nothing in that column.

I don’t think you can add that to GParted

Though you should be able to read/write to exfat

and the commandline exfat-utils should allow you to do the unticked stuff

I am unable to read exfat as I have taken the micro SD card out of my mobile as I was having trouble with my laptop having a stable connection.

I’ve managed to install exfat.
Earlier today, I had checked Synaptic package manager and it showed that it was installed, I just looked again and it was actually NOT installed.

Cool 8)